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Grant Status Submission

The Grant Status Report is reviewed by all Foundation staff and board members and enables the Foundation to learn about the activities, accomplishments and challenges that were generated by the grant as well as how the Foundation funds were utilized. Please be sure to address each item as thoroughly as possible.

All reports must be completed using this form. Interim reports are required every 6 months – from the date of the grant award. Final reports may be submitted at any time, but otherwise are due by the next reporting period for the grant. Please note that submission of this report in a timely fashion is extremely important. No new requests will be considered until a satisfactory report on this grant has been received. If you are unable to meet the reporting deadline, you must contact the Foundation prior to the due date.

Instructions for Completing the Form:

This form may be completed by typing your responses in the text areas.This report may be submitted by:
a. Printing, scanning, and e-mailing to Download Here
b. Printing and sending by postal mail to Post Office Box 5346, Columbus, GA 31906 Download Here
c. Clicking the "SUBMIT" button at the end of the form.

Report Status (Check One)*

*A report will not be considered final unless all funds have been expended and properly accounted for.
Expected Outcomes
Provide a description of the expected outcomes for the project / program supported by the grant and progress towards those outcomes. Be sure to demonstrate specific evidence supporting the stated outcomes. Include both numerical and qualitative data.
Individual Sustainability
Describe how the grant has helped improve individual’s sustainability, which is the capacity to care for themselves, their families and other direct dependents.
Organizational Sustainability
Describe how the grant impacted organizational sustainability, including, but not limited to, nancial sustainability (the organization’s capacity to develop and maintain an appropriately diverse and consistent stream of revenue that underwrites all operational activities), management sustainability (the organization’s capacity to manage organizational activities in an e cient and e ective manner), and missional sustainability (the organization has not “drifted” from its original purpose as de ned in their Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, etc.)
Did the grant support impactful collaboration between organizations? If so, please provide details of the collaboration.
Were grant funds used to leverage other funding? If so, please describe the matching opportunity, and how the organization implemented the plan to acquire matching funds.
Is the project proceeding according to the original time projections? If not, please explain, including supporting documents and revised estimates.
Please provide any other information that the grantee believes helpful or important to the Foundation.

For final reports, please also answer the following questions:

For those projects which received a grant as start-up or initial funding, please note the plans, if any, for continuing the program, including future potential funding sources.

Financing Report:

Dates covered by this report:

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