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SOMA Foundation Priorities
The SOMA Foundation will consider requests from organizations that are in the following categories.
However, the Board is not limited by 
these criteria.

General Guidelines for Grants

The SOMA Foundation seeks out organizations/ministries that:

(1) demonstrate effectiveness (2) exercise collaboration (3) adhere to best practices

(4) strive for sustainability (5) document ministry outcomes.

Geographic Area of Grant Focus

SOMA Foundation accepts grant applications from the geographic area defined by the sixteen counties of the West Central Georgia Health District* and Russel County, Alabama. Organizations outside the defined geographic area may submit a letter of inquiry for a grant proposal, then a grant application if invited to do so by the Soma Board of Trustees.


 Priorities & Restrictions

  • SOMA makes charitable grants only to 501(c)3 organizations as classified by the IRS Code of 1986ff.

  • SOMA does not make grants to organizations headquartered outside the United States.

  • SOMA does not make loans to individuals or to organizations.

  • SOMA does not give to social clubs or booster organizations.

  • SOMA does not give to political or legislative advocacy groups or organizations.

  • SOMA does not give to endowments.

  • SOMA requires organizations receiving grants to be compliant with the Foundation’s Statement of Faith.

  • SOMA generally does not give for “seed” or startup money for organizations.

  • SOMA generally does not give for festivals or conferences.

  • SOMA generally does not give grants for previously incurred debt.

  • SOMA gives grants on the condition of anonymity, seeking to conduct the foundation’s business without publicity or public recognition.


(*) Georgia Counties in the West Central Health District: Chattahoochee, Clay, Crisp,

Dooley, Harris, Macon, Marion, Muscogee, Quitman, Randolph,

Schley, Stewart, Sumter, Talbot, Taylor, Webster.

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